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You want to…

feel more confidence and joie de vivre, resolve a conflict, master a difficult or critical time in your life and find answers to life questions that are important to you?

You are facing…

professional challenges, want more self-confidence, more clarity about your professional goals and more opportunities to achieve them?

You are looking for…

Supervision for yourself, your team or a group of professional colleagues in order to be able to reflect casework, customer relations or other aspects of your day-to-day work?

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Then you are right with me!

I accompany you…

a piece on your life path, help you expand your possibilities of action in conflict situations and in everyday life, and find out what you really want and how you can live your dreams.

Psychological Counselling and Life Coaching

I work with you…

Problem solving, goals and goal-achievement strategies in a professional context.

Business Coaching

I support you in this…

To recognize relevant relationships in the work context, to look at occupational dynamics, relationships, communication and processes from a different perspective and to explore potential for change.

Individual, team and group supervision

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Contact me!

Practice Rasumofskygasse 14/1 | 1030 Viennamartin@lifecoach-wien.at0660 1414 152